a different focus

from farm, to manufacturing, to your doorstep,, Elevated Distributing makes sourcing your products easier than ever before.

At Elevated, our aim isn’t to simply distribute hemp products, we are changing the way the world views all things hemp while also making sourcing as easy as it should be. Whether it be cannabinoids, consumables, or industrial manufacturing uses, we simply deliver.  Across our team, we have farmed large acreage positions, intimately understand extraction, oversee formulations, and assist in the education of industrial applications.

Colte Koen

As a previous oil and gas executive, multi-national sales executive, and federal regulator, Mr. Koen has become a hemp industry panel speaker and thought leader in the development of the hemp industry as a whole; with a primary focus on product efficacy and long-term global sustainability.

Ralph Talamantez
VP, Retail Sales

With 20+ years in consumer product distribution in various sales leadership positions with Anheuser-Busch, Koupon Media, and JUUL, Mr. Talamantez is assisting in bringing enterprise-level distribution practices to an emerging, yet immature, cannabinoid market through his building of a tech-enabled national sales team.

Crash Lowe
VP, Commercial Sales

With 20+ years in startups, scaled transactions, and vast experience across the hemp supply chain, Mr. Lowe manages the streamlining of purchase order fulfillment between farms, processors, and manufacturers.

Jeffrey McPhee
VP, Supply Chain Relations

Mr. McPhee is a 20+ year veteran in the overall hemp and cannabis industries; inclusive of fertilizer programs, cultivation/farming techniques, genetic analysis, extraction methodology, and product development.  He now focuses on maximizing quality control, client consulting, and intelligent ingredient sourcing.